Brittas Tea Parties

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

I love the idea of a tea party, but would prefer that my six year old daughter drink non-caffeinated beverages, may I substitute? TOP
Our parties are always designed around the customer’s needs. We recommend both 7-UP and lemonade for “little ladies”. These beverages do not contain caffeine and will not stain pretty party dresses.

May I provide my own food? TOP
From time to time, we find customers who would like to bake special treats or add grandma’s famous cookies. We kindly ask that you limit your additions to one food item, and inform us prior to the event to avoid duplications.

My daughter loves playing with make-up and having her nails done, can we do those types of activities at the party? TOP
Again let us stress that the party is designed around your personal needs. We often do theme parties and craft projects at little or no extra cost.

My son would like to attend his sister’s tea party. Do you have boy’s accessories? TOP
Boys are always welcome at our tea parties! We have a limited number of men’s hats and ties. Please inform us prior to the party if boy’s accessories will be needed.

I live outside the southern Jacksonville area, but would like to host a bridal shower. Do you travel outside the metro area? TOP
As residents of the area know, Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States in terms of land mass, therefor we do charge a $25 fee for all parties outside the southern Jacksonville area of 32259. Occasionally we do travel to St. Augustine for a $30 gas fee.

What type of information should I include in the invitations? TOP
Informational sheets will be provided to include with your invitations. They give valuable information to your guests about what types of activities will be taking place on your special day and how to dress accordingly.

How long is the tea party? TOP
The party itself lasts two hours, but we will arrive at your home at least one hour prior to the party for proper set-up, and it usually takes another sixty minutes to wash and pack supplies following the event. Our total time at your home is approximately four hours.

What are your payment policies? TOP
We ask that pre-consultation at the party site take place at least two weeks prior to the event. It is at that time we ask for a $75 deposit. The remaining bill must be paid the day of the party.

What are your cancellation policies? TOP
All parties may be cancelled two weeks prior to the party without penalty. If parties are cancelled within two weeks of the event, your down payment will be held until the party is re-scheduled. Great efforts are taken with custom cake orders and several food items are delivered from all over the United States. We therefore ask that no cancellations are made within 72-hours of the event.